Kommende hændelser

30th Congress of the Scandinavian Transplantation Society

Dato: 2022/31/08 00:00 til 2022/02/09 00:00

Årsmøde og generalforsamling

Dato: 2022/17/11 11:00

Danish Transplantation Society

The society's objective is to promote transplantation and related research. The society's mission is to promote cooperation between the involved specialties and functional areas. The society will host scientific meetings and participate in postgraduate education. The society must via its activities promote national and international cooperation.

At least once every year the society hosts a scientific meeting, where there is an opportunity to get inspiration and gain new knowledge on relevant topics within the discipline. Among the main topics at recent scientific meetings was "Can you be too old for transplantation" and "Transplantation across immunological barriers".

As noted in the society's purpose, the society's operations primarily target doctors or others with relevant professional background with an interest in transplantation. Even if you are not a doctor, but merely interested in the society's purposes, you can very well be admitted as a full member of the society, or subscribe to the newsletter. Please see further info in the menu topics Membership and Newsletter.